Dr. Susan Lim founded Stem Cell Technologies

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In 1990, Dr. Susan Lim became the first person, either a male or a female, to perform a liver transplant on the continent of Asia. Dr. Susan Lim founded Stem Cell Technologies, a company exploring new medical technologies, in 2003. In 2004, Dr. Susan Lim was invited to become a new Fellow at Trinity College at the University of Melbourne, making her the youngest ever Fellow and the first Singaporean Fellow at Trinity College.

Dr. Susan Lim was born and raised in Singapore, the sixty-three island-nation based in Southeast Asia that has served as a medical and financial hub for the region. Dr. Susan Lim attended school at the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School. She then attended the Raffles Institute, also in Singapore. A charity she helped to co-found along with her husband and a family friend, The Indiapore Trust, would later donate a science laboratory to The Raffles Institution. Dr. Susan Lim then received a scholarship to attend university, which she used to enroll at Monash University in Melbourne, Victoria, in Australia. Monash University is one of the largest student bodies in Australia, and is additionally one of the oldest universities in the country. Additionally, Monash University is home to a number of medical research facilities.

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